Misc Unsigned Bands - Greg Pherigo - Noncommittal chords

D GThe lipstick on his collar
Bm FmThe perfume on his skin
D GThough she could not believe it
Bm FmHer husband's drunk again.
D GHe said I promise it was nothing
Bm FmIt was just a little kiss.
D GThe whore was asking for it
Bm FmAnd I could not resist.
G DDarling I mean it, when I say
G DI'm still in love with you.
G BmI mean it when I say
Em DI'm still in love you.
Avoiding all their problems She'd keep busy with her boys. Wiping off their noses And cleaning up the toys. And he can't help but notice The daggers in her voice Frustration turned to nagging And he's left with no choice But I mean it, when I say I'm still in love with you. I mean it when I say
Em FmI'm still in love you.
G A DYet she knew that he was lying
G A DHe should not look for a fight.
G A BmFor the children loved their daddy
Em A (hold A)Even now would not be right.
G BmYet he knew that she was lying
G A BmThings would never be the same.
G A DLike when the first got married
G A DLong before their troubles came.
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