Misc Unsigned Bands – Eric Shelby - Yes You chords

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Yes You by Eric Shelby

Capot 6th Fret

C1- x32010F1- xx3210
G- 32010Em1- 022010
Em2- 022013 F2- xx3213 G2- 320013 C1 F1 G1 Sailing a winter of wine Em1 F1 G1 Saving a burning room C1 F1 G1 Praying these verses of mine Em1 F1 G1 Are playing right back to you
Em2 F2 G2Cuz Im losing it without you girl
Em2 F2 G2In my heart I hold the weight of the world
Em2 F2 G2Trying hard to be a better man
Em2 F2 G2I dont know much baby, I know youre not crazy for him
Every word left to say Every note I can write Fading old memories away Go dancing into the night
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