Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Shelby - Punk Princess chords

Punk Princess (Eric Shelby)

Capot 3rd Fret

C-   x32013
B-   x20013
Em-  022013
F-    xx3213
Am-   xx2213
G-    320013

Intro, Verses, Chorus, Outro

C   B  Em F


C B Am G


While the towns are busy dreaming, well be heavy breathing
Drowning in the steam inside your old car
With the lyrics that were writing, kissing and fighting
Steal the summer night another word and Im yours

My punk princess lives Halloween
And late at night shes screaming for me
To write her songs and look in her eyes
So hard to say, she loves her preppy guy

Well I got the verses right dear, catchy little nightmare
Will you look me in the eyes when youre playing for me?
While I sing your only secret, I dont think you need it
Baby I can barely speak you got me terminally

Every motion, every motion
Im sinking in, sudden deepened devotion
My little angel thinks shes so bad
Shes just the sweetest that Ive ever had
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