Misc Unsigned Bands - Keith Shiner - On Your Own chords

A good buddy of mine wrote this tune.  I think the guitar part is very cool.  You 
can the tune from iTunes or CDbaby.com

Cheers and have fun!

ON YOUR OWN by Keith Shiner

INTRO: E Emaj9 E Emaj9 E11 E Emaj9 E11 E11 E (2X)e|-0----0---0------0----0---0-----0------0----0---0------0-----0----0-|B|-0----0---0------0----0---0-----0------0----0---0------0-----0----0-|G|-1----1---8------1----1---8-----6------1----1---8------6/8\--6----1-|D|-2----2---9------2----2---9-----7------2----2---9------7/9\--7----2-|A|-2----2---9------2----2---9-----7------2----2---9------7/9\--7----2-|E|-0----0---0------0----0---0-----0------0----0---0------0-----0----0-|
Intro played throughout verses I was at your funeral just the other day. All choked with tears, we knew youd gone away. And up at the front I heard the man say That the stars shine the brightest when the daylight goes away Intro You left us puzzled inside my friend I respect your choice for the misery to end Its not easy to understand your pain But now your tears of anguish are falling down like rain CHORUS:
A B E ANow we sit around, try to figure out, what else
A B E AWhat else we might have done to keep you around
A B E ATelephone call, note in the mail
F#m B E Emaj9Finally realized that you were on your own
E Emaj9 E11 (strummed like the intro)You were on your own.
I dont believe in the after life But if by some chance its true I know you will be there helping Helping those right in front of you And is it selfish for me to say That I really miss your smile Know where now it was hiding Hiding your darkness all the while Chorus Some days I just dont wanna be A student of life after all Some of lifes lessons we are forced to learn I could really do without them all Now it time for me to reassure through this song To all of us who love you The silver lining of this cloud Will win out, will win out, will win out
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