Misc Unsigned Bands – David Ramos - Come To Kiss chords

F EbI've come to kiss the face of Jesus
F EbI've come to kneel before the throne
F EbI've come to give to the Lord Almighty
BbAll my love, my hope, my all
F Eb(and) I will love the Name of Jesus
F EbI will worship before His throne
F EbI will sing of the ever lasting
Bb Flove of God, His love for all
Eb FHis love for you, His love for me,
Eb BbHis love for all, His love for us..
(option continue)...
F Eb FHis love for all, his love for this city,
Eb F EbHis love for this country, His love for all,
BbHis love for us, for us.
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