Misc Unsigned Bands - Black Territory - Its So Hard tab

this is a very nice intro taken from IT'S SO HARD song by a band called black 
territory from malaysia. this is my first tab so..... anyway, i'm not sure about 
this but it sound close enough

search them on facebook and myspace.

tuning : CGCFAD

D||-----------------------------|------------------| A||-----------------------------|--------------7---| F||--------7-9-10-9----10-9-7---|-0---7-9-10-9-----| C||------0----------------------|---7--------------| G||-----------------------------|------------------| C||-----------------------------|------------------|
|-----------------------------|------------------------|| |-----------------------------|------------------------|| |--------7-9-10-9----10-9-7---|--0-5---7---9---10-9-7--|| |------0----------------------|-------7---7------------|| |-----------------------------|------------------------|| |-----------------------------|------------------------||
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