Misc Unsigned Bands - Ronnie Hawkins - Home From The Forest chords

Home From The Forest:Ronnie Hawkins.
#29 in 1970.

D GOh, the neon lights were flashing, and the icy wind
Ddid blow.
F#m Bm A GThe water seeped in..to his shoes, and the drizzle
Dturned to snow.
G DHis eyes were red, his hopes were dead and the
Bm F#wine was running low..
G A Dand the old man came home..from the forest.
D G DHis tears fell on the sidewalk as he stumbled in the street.
F#m Bm A G DA dozen faces stopped to stare but no one stopped to speak.
G D Bm F#For his castle was a hallway and the bottle was his friend..
G A Dand the old man stumbled in..from the forest.
D G DUp a dark and dingy staircase, the old man made his way..
F#m Bm A G Dhis ragged coat around him as up..on his cot he lay.
G D Bm F#And he wondered how it happened, that he ended up this way..
G A Dgetting lost like a fool..in the forest.
D G DAnd as he lay there sleeping, a vision did appear.
F#m Bm A G DUpon his mantle shining..a face of one so dear..
G D Bm F#who had loved him in the Springtime of a long forgotten year..
G A Dwhen the wildflowers did bloom..in the forest.
D G DShe touched his grizzled fingers and she called him by his name.
F#m Bm A G DAnd then he heard the joyful sound of children at their games..
G D Bm F#in an old house on a hillside in some forgotten town,
G A Dwhere the river runs down..from the forest.
D G DWith a mighty roar the big jets soar above the canyon streets.
F#m Bm A G D And the con men con but life goes on, for the city never sleeps.
G D Bm F#And for an old forgotten soldier, the dawn will come no more..
G A Dfor the old man has come home..from the forest.
D G A DYes, the old man has come home..from the forest.
A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
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