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Toy Story Shoes
Random Strangers

Capo 4

C GDisney world, a place of wonder
D GI see Mickey over yonder
C GOh what fun it is to see
D Gmy cartoon heroes oh how neat
C GI can't believe that they're all here
D GBut my heart stops as one draws near
G F CThe wings, the lights, everythings there
G F CTo bad it's all stickers, but heck, who cares
G F CIt's the one the only buzz lightyear space ranger
G F COf I course I know him, he ain't no random stranger
C GI realize one thing as he stares at me
F GWith His painted eyes and plastic teeth
C GI want his autograph to look at later
F GBut I have no book or piece of paper
G CI hurry and scurry to find a piece
F GOf anything that's dry and clean
G F CA map, a bag, or old reciept
G F Cor anything where his name will be seen
G F CI can not find a single thing Now I'm so close please let me think
G F C I walk as slowly as I can But then decide to grab my left van
G F CI lift it up for him to stamp and what the heck the man says I can't
G FThis stamp is for paper only he says
C G FAs "your a jerk" runs through my head
C G But wait a minute buzz holds up his hand
F GHe grabs a sharpie and Takes a stand
C G He tells the guy to hold up my shoe
F G As he stands there and follows through
C GHe ignores the stench, the sweat, the smell
F GAnd thanks to him I feel mighty swell
C GI have buzz's name apon the band
F Gof my once very clean white van
C GI walk around as proud as ever
F GI made a move that was quite clever
C GMy shoe held the name of a great space ranger
F GBut then I realized one grave danger
C GI had the name of this mighty toy
F GBut he's nothing without the cowboy
C GWoody's a toy like buzz the same
F GHow could I leave without his name
F GHe is a hero brave and true
C G C G F G So I must get his name on my right shoe
C Dm Without it this trip won't be complete
Am GBut I don't know how to begin this feat
C DmWhat if I can't find him? What if he's not there
Am GThere's not much time my chance is rare
C DmI've walked all over but there is no sign
Am Gof the tall fabric cowboy So I must resign
C DmI can not find him I have lost all hope
Am GIt looks like buzz will be alone
C DmMy day is ruined I feel so low
Am GUntil I walk past one window
C GI look inside and jump with joy
F GI have found the toy cowboy
C GEveryone stares as I remove my van
F GBut let' em look if they want they can
C GHe takes my van and sharpie to
F GAnd then puts his autograph on my shoe
C GA huge smile appears across my face
F GBecause I now I have ended my cowboy chase
F GI have the names of the dynamic duo
C C GBuzz and woody are each a hero
F GBoth of thier names i'll never lose
F GBecause they're on what I call
C G F - GMy toy story shoes
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