Misc Unsigned Bands - Midwest Pen Pals - Movies Like Juno tab

	           Movies Like Juno - Midwest Pen Pals

Band: Midwest Pen Pals
Song: Movies like Juno

Band link: http://www.myspace.com/midwestpenpals

Tabbed by: Raphael Bastek 
(Credit goes to Nick Stutsman, guitarist for MPP)

Tuning: D A E A C# E (Capo III Fret)

Intro only, just repeat this

E |---4h5hp4p0-2p0-----------------4h5p4p0-2p0-------------0-------|C#|----------------0-1/3-3-3/1-0---------------0-1/3-3-3/8---------|A |-0----------------------------0---------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------------------|D |----------------------------------------------------------------|
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