Misc Unsigned Bands - Meus Cras - Pause chords

Intro, verse, Chorus: Em C G D 

Bridge: Em D

V1(progressive med)

hey girl, his on his way home

driving and its on one eighty

who cares what’s done is done

so brighten up the frown


she said be here just this once

to walk with her once in a while

she whispered her confession

it bloomed the connection


yes, Im on pause

and its all because

I go through life too fast,

(like the response of a broken glass)2nd voice

so i will pause

to look around cause

i lost significance

(now i know everything won’t last)2nd voice


dinner at six, suddenly

forgot what was the occasion

he let it pass anyway

it is your special day

arguments is the least form

of conversation, a sharp blow

you never meant to say it

i would just walk it out

Repeat Ch.


lights and sounds of red and blue

on the road of project o-six

youve meet along the way

tune out and drive away


and dispel the gloom

i wont let it consume

coz it breaks my world into two

Repeat chorus (slow)


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