Misc Unsigned Bands - Sarah Donner - Treeline tab

Treeline by Sarah Donner
TAB for standard tuned baritone ukulele or guitar

In my backyard I have boxes I have spices and parked cars In your backyard you have mountains You have highway you see the stars But I don't see stars from my backyard oh but I believe that they are there If you see one would you wish on it for me here
CHORUS:|--3----3----3----3----3------3----3----3----3----3----3-------3----3---||--3----3----3----3----3------3----3----3----3----3----3-------3----3---||--2----0----0----0----2------2----0----0----0----0----2-------0----0---||--0----2----4----0----0------0----2----4----4----0----0-------2----4---||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------|CHORUSEyes on the treeline Feet in the sandThese things surround me, and I can't breathe in,But you won't see me in the valley
VERSE 2 On your mountain you have branded an initial monogram In my window I have neon not much brighter, but draws me in If I don't make it to the summit would you send someone down? Call for backup if I can't make it up on my own
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