Misc Unsigned Bands – Bob Sinclar Feat Ben Onono - Rainbow Of Love chords

Heard this song today (yeah, I'm a bit behind on popular music) and decided to try 
playing it, couldn't find any tabs or chords right away so did my best. I'm not a 
pro guitar player, but seeing there is nothing else on here, here is my attempt.
I figured the chrods myself, but found a youtube guy explaining the same chords I 
found later on:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome, especially for the last part I did a bit 
of guessing; my ears are not that great.

I find it a bit hard to explain the strumming pattern and I'm not 100% sure, but 
this will give a basic idea of what I think sounds well. I think it's a quite 
common one tho.
The guy in the vid above shows a slightly different one I think, but close anyway 
(at least, it sounds a bit more sad than what I play)

|   X    X  |

The X's are palm muted strokes, only the first down stroke and the up strokes are 

The Chords are D A E E during the whole song except for a breakdown after the 
second chorus. I am still trying to figure out the exact melody thing that's often 
thrown in during the song. I you got it, please post it.

INTRO:D AOh-oh oh oh oh-ih Oho-oho
E EYeahiyeah woho-woh, Chasing rainbows
DYour clear eye
Ais the most beautiful thing
Elike sunrise
Eover the sea
DAnd when you smile with the day
Ayour eyes are the warmest thing
Eyou shed yesterdays skin
Eand a new day begins
DSo even when clear skies
Aseem so far away
Ewhy go chasing rainbows
Erainbows from your door
D'Cause even all the clear skies
Awon't bring back yesterday
Eso why go chasing rainbows
Erainbows from your door
---Just repeat--- Those who have seen seen the phoenix rise say even from the pyre the dawn can still be beautiful The sound of your sunrise carries on the four winds you shed yesterday's skin and a new day begins CHORUS ---There is a break in the music here, after that no clear chords, may just repeat as well D A E E--- D A E E
D Sometimes we want to run away
A E Efrom a place long gone
Dsometimes we want to throw away
A Ewhat we need for what we want
Dwhen it's time to move on
Amove on...
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