Misc Unsigned Bands - Motel In Heaven - Groupie Girl chords

I guess it's very easy

you just have to play 

A, C, D, Cjust like AC/DC
you play this riff till "Tonight we entomb the boredom" There you mute all strings. At this part aren't any chords played Than you play on the first riff til the chorus
AI called her my pearl
Acurse she is
Acurse she is my groupie girl
The first two As'you hit just one time After the chorus is a little bridge goes like this A, D, C, A right after the A you mute the strings for one beat than reapet this part 3 times From that point the song starts to loop After the seconed chorus is another bridge
reapet it 4 times and than play and end on the first riff I'm very sure this is the original tab For rhythem listn to this song have fun ;-) www.motelinheaven.de.tl
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