Misc Unsigned Bands - Flamingo - Summerrain chords

Am Em Esus4 Emlights out
Am Em Esus4 Emwanna see the stars
Am Em Esus4 Emwanna sink into
Am Em Esus4 Emmy best friend's arms
C Emlet's spend the night
C Emchasing fireflies
Gthis is our summer
Dthe clear blue night
Amthis is our home
Dour fireside
D7 Gwe live in a dream
D beyond the diamond sky
Am Dcome on and join this awesome ride
H7o angel
Am Di love you
yes you are like the summerrain like the whirlwind that gives me the spin let's spend the night chasing fireflies this is our summer... ooh this is our summer the clear blue night this is our home our fireside we live in a dream beyond the diamond sky let's hope that the sun won't ever rise
H7oh angel
Am D Gi hope you feel love too
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