Misc Unsigned Bands - Julia Sheer - You Will Never Be chords version 2

Acoustic version
tunning: Capo 3
made by:04kalel06

I'm not sure about the Bridge so if you could tell me if it's okay...thanks

Here are some "difficult" Chords:

Em7 Csus2 Am7e|------3------| e|------3------| e|------3------| A|------3------| a|------3------| A|------1------| D|------2------| D|-------------| D|-------------|G|------2------| G|-------------| G|------2------|B|-------------| B|------3------| B|-------------|E|-------------| E|-------------| E|-------------|
Em7 Csus2How did we ever come to this
GI never thought you'd be
DSomeone I'd have to miss...
Em7 Csus2And there I was caught in your game
G DNeeding answers that never came
Em7And we took a chance,
Csus2You said you were strong
GStrong enough
DBut you were wrong...
Chords: And now I'm...
Em7 Csus2Deafened by your silence
G DBlinded by the tears
Em7 Csus2If you're looking for forgiveness
G DYou won't find that here
Em7 Csus2Cause you lied your way to heartbreak
G DAnd now it's all too clear
Am7 Csus2 G DThat you will never be...
Em7Look at her
Csus2She won't ever compare
GYou can say you're sorry
DBut I still don't care
Em7Was she worth this mess
Csus2Was she worth this pain
GYou can say it's her fault
DBut you're both to blame
CHORUS Bridge:
Am7 CLooking back it was all so easy
GI hope you know you're my last mistake
Am7 cDon't come around and say you need me
GI won't stay
Am7 C GNow I know that you were so deceiving
GWas it fun for you to walk away
Am7I hope you liked it
CCause she's so damn easy
G DYou won't change
Am7 Csus2 G DThat you will never be...
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