Misc Unsigned Bands - Watch Out Theres Monsters - Cold Cold June chords

Capo 4th

Intro: Am Dm Am Dm Am Dm E Am

Am It was a Cold cold morning in the middle of June
Dm AmWhen I saw them coming down the Line
AmThey looked at me and said they're hungry for some brains
Dm AmAnd I knew they wasn't gonna be mine
Dm E AmThen a chill went down my spine
Am The horde stretched on for miles they all wore dirty smiles
Dm AmCause they knew I was trapped like a rat
Am The fog was rollin' in and my hope was runnin' out
Dm AmAnd I knew it was time for combat
Dm E AmAs they slowly shambled toward my welcome mat
Am I boarded up the door went to the Second floor
Dm AmAs the pounds rang through the wall
Am I knew I had a gun, so I began to run
Dm AmDown each and every hall
Dm E AmCause I had to kill them all
AmIn my top bureau drawer, as they was tearing down the door
Dm AmFinally found my glock
Am Grabbed the extra ammo and strapped it to my waist
Dm AmAnd the Safety I did unlock
Dm E AmI'm gonna shoot them in the face
Instrument break thing of doom......
Am They were walking up the stairs as all of the hairs
Dm AmStood up on the back of my neck
AmI let the bullets fly shot the first one in the eye
Dm AmLeft the hallway in a wreck
Dm E Am"I have to reload can you hold on for a sec"
AmBut they didn't wait at all more buddies began to fall
Dm AmUntil the moment my gun went click
AmReloaded once and felt a pain in my leg
Dm AmAnd I immediately began to kick
Dm E AmI snapped it's neck real quick
AmLooked down at my bite, knew it was my final night
Dm AmSo many thoughts raced through my head
AmMy skin began to crawl, the sweat began to fall
Dm AmI didn't want to join the undead
Dm E AmAnd tears I began to shed
(let following chords ring)
AmWrapped my lips around the gun, I knew my life was done
Dm AmI'd rather die than live diseased
AmThe moment of truth had finally come
Dm E AmAnd my pain was finally eased
And that's the song... This is the intellectual property of Watch Out! There's Monsters! If you steal it they will send Cthulhu after you..well technically our lawyers will send Cthulhu after you.
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