Misc Unsigned Bands - Angela Graham - I Live I Breathe chords

E: 022100
B: 024400
C#m: 046600
A2: 000220

C#m B A2I didn't deserve your grace
B C#mI didn't deserve your mercy
B A2 BStill you took my place because you love me
C#m BAnd for you, it wasn't enough
A2 Bto save my soul, to set me free
C#mand to make me whole
BYou had a plan for me
A2 Ba destiny for my life
E BSo I live to bring you glory
C#m Band I breathe to bring you praise
E BYou paid the ransom for me
C#m BAnd you took away my shame
C#m BYou said that you delight in me
C#m B A2and I know your word is true
A2 B C#m BI live I breathe I love to worship you
A2 B EI live I breathe I love to worship you
Now I receive your grace I receive your mercy Cause I wanna be like you To follow your heart And for me it wasnt enough to take your name accept your gift and remain the same I want to honor you and bless you all of my days Chorus
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