Misc Unsigned Bands – Brady Woodruff - Liealot chords

Left handed
[Verse 1]
G CHey Mr. LieAlot, Why do you treat her this way?
G CHey Mr. LieAlot, Which girl will you be with today?
GYou’re dimming down her angel eyes
ECovering up just to hide your lies
A Em CI need you to help me make her see.
GMaking her cry is just what you do
EYou never cared about anyone but you
A Em CI need you to help me make her see
C GNo One will make her happier than me
[Verse 2]
GHey Miss CryAlot
CWhy do you invite Misery?
GHey Miss CryAlot
CI Hope you know he’s with her currently
[Chorus 2]
GSo open up those sweet blue eyes
EPlease just be done with his lies
A Em CI need you to help me make you see
GMaking you cry is just what he does
EJust come and hold my hand because
A Em C I need you to help me make you see
C GNo one will make you happier than me
G I walked around the corner and I saw your back
EI wrapped my arms around you, almost gave you a heart attack
GI pulled you in so closely and I let you know
EWhatever happens to us girl, I won’t let you go
[Chorus 3/Outro]
GSo look into my longing eyes
EGive me a kiss, make me want to fly
A Em CI’m more than glad that I’ve made you see
GHolding your hand is just what I do
EI’ll never back down, Girl Me and you
A Em CI need you, I need you, to make me see
C GYou’ve always been here and you always will be.
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