Misc Unsigned Bands – Val Emmich - Teach Me chords

ARTIST: Val Emmich
SONG: Teach Me
ALBUM: Sunlight Searchparty
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Reviewed and approved by Val himself!

C (strum)
C (strum)

Verse 1:
C Em Fwe lie in the same bed
Dm C G F Fas far apart as two could get
C Em FI know that you're bored with me
Dm C G F F'cuz you shut your eyes when I speak
C Em FI want to make you happy
Dm Dm Gbut I wish that you would tell me what you want from me
F C Am Fcome on teach me to love you right
C G'cuz baby you are my life
Verse 2 (same as verse 1) next morning you're pouring coffee and we sit in silence while we eat I wish I could stand up and say that I dread leaving the house everyday 'cuz I fear that when I return you'll be gone
Dm Dm Gtired of me always meaning right but always doing wrong
Chorus (same, but play 2x) come on teach me to love you right cuz baby you are my life come on teach me to love you right if it takes all night Bridge:
Dmno it's nothing that you say to me
Git's just the clues that are left
Amyou used to stay up late and wait up for me
Fbut now you're early to bed
Dmno kiss hello, no "how was your day?"
Gno, you're fast asleep
Am Fmand I know as I watch you there you don't dream of me
C Fm Last Chorus (female singer)
C Am Fteach me to love you right
(Val joins in)
C G'cuz baby you are my life
end on F
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