Misc Unsigned Bands - Adam Faith - Dont That Beat All chords

Don't That Beat All:Adam Faith.
#8 in UK in 1962.

CDonít that beat all I ever heard, dear?
DmDonít that beat every single word?
You say youíve changed your mind,
C Amoh, Baby, thatís unkind.
DThey say that love is blind..
G G7the more I look, the more I find.
CDonít that beat all I ever saw, dear?
DmDonít that beat all and thatís for sure?
CMore fool, that other guy..heís gonna get
Amthe old go-bye.
F G CWell, well, donít that, beat all.
C#Play the sad, sad, story..
C# Ebm C# BbmYou change your lovers fast..so, our affair is past.
D# G# But now the die is cast..and he lasts longest who
G#7lasts last.
C#Thereís one thing more I wanna say, dear..
Ebmwhen you come begging back one day.
C# Iíll take one look at you and then Iíll tell
Bbmyou what you can do.
F# G# C#Well, well, ha-ha..donít that beat all?
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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