Misc Unsigned Bands – Something Out Of The Ordinary - Who I Am chords

Who I Am by Something Out Of The Ordinary        (Ditchfield, 2010)

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D, Bm, G, A

~Verse 1
D Bm when love takes you by the hand,
Gits a feeling of 'so glad'
Aits a kiss upon your lips
Dthats reminds me who i am
~Verse 2
D BmYour the one for me
GTogether we will be
~Verse 3
D Bm To the love of my life
GI need you all tonight
AI need to know your safe
BmWhen you leave me right here
Gin this god awful place
Bsus2 Ai remember the times we had
Bmof unspeakible love
GBeen sent down from above
Bsus2Just hold me once more
1st guitar solo (Gareth Butcher) (rhythm behind guitar solos are the verse chords, D, Bm, G, A) ~2nd Chorus
BmWhen your oceans away
Gdo you think about me
Bsus2do i grow in the hole
Ain your heart
Bmand i need you too much
GI cant live without you
Bsus2 Because you remind me,
A....Of who I am.
2nd Guitar solo (Ben Ditchfield) ~Verse 6
D Bm Your a Million Miles away
Gi miss you every day
Atheres so much i would do
just to be there
D Bm G Awith you.
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