Misc Unsigned Bands - Everybody Worship - Break Through chords

Break Through - Everybody Worship

Tabbed by: Darren Lewis / Scott Popec
Email: darrenwlewis@yahoo.com

Kapo: 3rd Fret
Tuning: Standard
6/8 time        

INTRO:     |Em   D  |    C     | Em    C  |   Am |   x2

Intro Riff, also used in verses, also at end of each Chorus:

Em D C Em C Am I Sing all the songs, I read all about You
Em D C Em C Am I know right from wrong, what does it amount to
Am Em DIf my life doesnt show how much I love You
Am7 Em I need you to break through
G D/F#Tear down the walls, let everything fall
Am7 Em Cause I want to praise You
G D/F#With nothing between You and me
Em to verse: D C Em C Am to bridge: D CI need you to break through
Verse 2
Em D C Em C Am I know there is more, Iíve yet to discover
Em D C Em C Am So many things You want to uncover
Am Em DIve been scratching the surface, I want to go deeper
Em C Break through the pride, break through the shame
G DIve had enough of staying the same
Em C Break through the fear, open the gates
G D Im getting tired of playing it safe
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