Misc Unsigned Bands - Artebe - Deadlocked chords

Artebe, Deadlocked 

aOn a cold December winter night
a7It was misty, temperature low
E He was sliding off an icy road
aInto woods covered with snow
G He woke up dazed and confused
aWiped some blood from his face
GHe was freezing and all alone
D In this forsaken place
CWhere have I been, where am I to go?
EHe asked himself and wept
GHe turned on the radio
aEerie silence, that night the whole world slept
CWho am I, I just don't know
ENo one there to lead the way back home
G He checked his face in the rear view mirror
And didnít recognize himself
F He lost all his memories
AIt felt like screaming in a void
G Ahh, yeah
D aScreaming in a void
aBlack smoke bellowed from the hood
a7 When he got out of the car
EHe heard a scream from far away
aAnd started wandering through the dark
GAnd followed a trail of footsteps
aSuddenly he saw flashing red lights
GA woman in a state of shock
DShivered, sat on the pavement in ripped tights
CPeopleís faces were so pale
EAs they stood there gazing at the scene
GThere was a car wreck and debris everywhere
aThey covered up a man with a sheet white and clean
CWhen he realized what he saw
EHe kneeled down and yelled out loud
GHe had worked his way through the crowd
And had a close look at the body
FIt was himself lying there dead
AIt felt like screaming in a void
G Ahh, yeah
D aScreaming in a void
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