Misc Unsigned Bands – Denito - Song For You chords

Left handed
C GToday, I’ll sing for you a song
Am EmWhich I made for you
C GJust a moment for me
Am EmGive my song for you
F GJust so easy for me
F GTo make song about you girl
C GYou’re beautiful
Am FI swear that is true
C GYou’re my everything
Am FIn every day I have for you
C GAnd now, I will show for you
Am EmSomething what I can do
C GFor you my little girl
Am GTo make you happy with me
F GMaybe my heart will
F GShow you the thing I do
(Chorus) (Bridge)
F AmBut you never know
G CWhat I feel if I’m close to you
F AmAnd maybe you never want to know
G CIf I’m loving you
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