Misc Unsigned Bands - The Journey - Bring Me To My Knees chords

Bring Me to My Knees
Written By Gabriel Matthews 
From the album The Journey
Performed by Living Hope Worship
Living Hope Community Church, Boonville, IN  47601
Copyright 2011 Gabriel Matthews

Key:  D  
Intro:  D    A (sus)   Bm    G         D    A     G    

Verse 1
D A Bm GLord I know, Your name is Holy, Holy
D A GLord I know that I am saved
D A Bm GLord I know, Your kingdom will be forever
D A GBut I don't know all that You have for me
D AYou're holy, You're mighty
Bm GYour praises flow through my veins
D AI seek You, I want You
Bm GI know You're always here with me
D ASo make me, Your vessel
Bm GUse me in ways I cannot see (last time go to Ending)
D A G Bm DOh Holy Lord, You bring me to my knees
Verse 2
D A Bm GLord all I want is to bow before You
D A GBut am I worthy to give You praise
D A Bm GYour holy power shakes all creation
D A GAnd all I can do is lift Your name on high
D A G D A GOh Holy Lord, Oh Holy Lord
D A G Bm DOh Holy Lord, You bring me to my knees
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