Misc Unsigned Bands - Nutradio - Moon chords


C#m A E You stare I caught your eyes
BI see what youre looking at
C#m AIt's fixed on someone
E B Sun is shining in your face
F#m G#m could you take rest looking at the galaxy
A B C#m Why do you need to look for a
A bright star
B G#m when it shines like melting your eyes
A B C#m Veins are relaxed when you turn that
A B G#m eyes to the moon, to the moon
instrumentals/SOLO: A, Eb-E B, C#m-B A E C#m A E B BRIDGE:
C#m A humble is the moon
E the only light you can sight
B when trapped in devoid
(CHORUS) OUTRO: A B (2x) G#m-A E
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