Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - Life Of Serving chords

Life of serving      key A (alt key E)
Written by Chantel Ackerman

Verse 1
.AI will give it all
. E/G#again and again
. I will go wherever You
.Bm send me to
. GI do it all for You
Verse 2 I will live a life You called for me I will love the way That has set me free In Your truth i believe Chorus 1
. AThis life is made for serving
. E/G#my heart cant stop its burning
. G EFor You its all for You
Chorus 2 My praise to You alone I give my heart my soul To You its all for You Verse 3 I'll run this race Till i see Your face Giving all I have For the glory of Your name Bridge
.F#m D AI surrender all to the King
. E F#mWho gave it all for me
Instrumental . F#m D A E Structure verse1, verse2, chorus1, verse3, chorus1, chorus2, bridgex2, instrumental, chorus1, chorus2.
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