Misc Unsigned Bands – John Cale And Lou Reed - Faces And Names chords

Left handed
Album: 	Songs for Drella (1990)

| | = 1 bar
|....| = 1 bar, 4 counts

| F7 | F7 | F7 | F7 |

| F7 | F7 |Faces and names, I wish they were the same
| F7 | G |Faces and names only cause trouble for me
| G | F7 | F7 | Faces and names
| F7 | F7If we all looked the same and we all had the same name
| F7 | G |I wouldn't be jealous of you or you jealous of me
| G | F7 | F7 | Faces and names
| Bbm/Db | F7I always fall in love with someone who looks
| Bbm/Db | F7the way I wish that I could be
| Bbm/Db | F7I'm always staring at someone who hurts
| G | C7And the one they hurt is me
Faces and names, to me they're all the same If I looked like you and you looked like me There'd be less trouble you see Faces and names I wish they'd go away I'd disappear into that wall and never talk Faces and names I wish I was a robot or a machine Without a feeling or a thought People who want to meet the name I have Are always disappointed when they meet me Faces and names, I wish they were the same Faces and names only cause problems for me Faces and names I'd rather be a hole in the wall - looking out on the other side I'd rather look and listen, listen and not talk To faces and names I had a breakdown when I was a kid I lost my hair when I was young If you dress older when you're not, as your really age you look the same If we all looked the same, we wouldn't play these games Me dressing for you and you dressing for me - undressing for me Faces and names if they all were the same You wouldn't be jealous of me o me jealous of you Me jealous of you - I'm jealous of you
F7Your face and your name
Your face and your name
FFaces and names
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