Misc Unsigned Bands - Rich Tienken - Notice Me chords

Intro: G

GA little birdie came and said to me:
DYou lack the patience that you need
C D GBut I just pushed it off my arm and ran away
GBefore he left, the bird, he said to me
DShe isnt worth the trouble that she brings
C D GBut I just blew him off and ran things my own way
(CHORUS) Why dont you
C DNotice Me and see what I can do
C DCome on and Notice Me, what I can do for you
C D GWhy dont you Notice Me, and we can run things our own way
GEvery time I close my eyes I try to
DLook and it is you I see
C D GBut then I open up and it seems youve ran away
GAnd when the sun arose the under toe
DIt came and took me out to sea
C D GAnd as I kick and scream, youre swimming in the bay
GI just want to say, I love you
GI just want to say, I need you
D C GI just want to fall in love again (x2)
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