Misc Unsigned Bands - Amp - Your Missing Out chords

  Okay so we are not a famous band at all but we do want you to know some of our 
songs and here is our latest one call Your Missing Out.


   VERSE:1 Play slowly
Am C I can see it your eyes
E Am Its no longer a disguise
E D I know you dont like me anymore
Am E But be prepared for what your gonna here
Am C When I whisper in your ear
CHORUS: Play at moderate speed for rest of song
Am E C Your gonna be missing out
Am E I know thats no doubt
Am C You see when Im over you you wont be over me and
Am E C Your gonna be missing out
Am C E I see you in school daydreaming
E C E Looking at the boy your seeing
C But guess what now look at me
Am And tell me what you see
Am E C So know how do you feel about that
Am E C I can play the same game you can
Am E C Your not foolin me anymore
Am E C So if you ever come over
C Am D E Im slamming the door
CHORUS: Play twice and end the song with a G
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