Misc Unsigned Bands – Horse Fashion - Double Flip chords

C At last the winter's come
Dmhe wears his gloves
F C Ghe's riding on his bike and trying hard to not get lost
Che doesn't recognise the streets
Dmno familiar place
F C G CBut as a car rams him off the streets head first, behind the wheel he sees a face
Dmhis hands tighten their grip
F C G Cbut there's no use in holding on to that damn bike while he makes a double flip
Dmthrough the window of a store
F C G Fthe splintered glass cuts through his clothes and skin before he lands face down on the floor
he opens up his eyes the walls are white Apart from the beating in the temples of his head he kinda feels alright and as he pulls himself up his heart skips a beat there's blood on his blanket, but he's scared of what's underneath he tries to kick the blanket off the bed but there's no movement underneath them as he feels the beating stronger in his head the nurse runs in And as shee empties a syringe in the IV he feels the world begin to spin
Em AmHave you ever tried to remember a dream
Dm Gor a face in your sleep, well it's hard
Gbut somehow he pulled it off
Em AmNow he's forever attatched to a chair
Dm Gbut revenge will be sweet, so you better start to run
You're almost late for work, you grab your coat and when you try to grab the doorhandle you feel a bullet being shot right in your throat You turn around and as you gasp for air you recognise the face of a man sitting smiling in his chair You try to stop the bleeding with your hand, but there's no use in trying to stop one hole from bleeding when it drips out the other end you're losing sight and while you regret the hit and run from years ago the man softly says goodnight he softly said goodnight this is the end, goodnight.
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