Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - To The King chords

To the king                  Tempo 180 6/4
written by Andrew Graham    Key Ab (Alt key D)

. Ab Verse1
.Ab I stand before the Holy God
.Dbworship Him with all my heart
. Bbmand I'll praise Him now
. Db EbHis love is all around
Verse2 His presence fills this holy place humbled thinking of His Grace And I'll praise Him now His love is all around Chorus
.Ab Db AbHallelujah to the King
.Fm Db Eb Hallelujah we will give
. Ab DbThe highest praise
. Eb Abbelongs to Jesus's name
.Fm Db EbHallelujah to the King
Verse3 I know I'm free bought with the blood that Jesus shed for everyone and I will sing His praise Forever our God reigns bridge
.Db Fm EbOh how great is his love for me
.Db Bbm EbOh He loved me eternally
.Db Fm EbOh the love that He showed on the cross
.Dbwas enough for me
.Cm Bbm EbWas enough for me
Structure: Intro, verse 1, verse 2, Chorus Interlude, verse 3, chorus, bridge, chorus.
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