Misc Unsigned Bands - Luke Conard - July tab

Song: July
Artist: Luke Conard (cover of Ryan Seiler)

Capo 5Intro/Verse C Am7 X G2e|--------3--------------3---------------3-------------3-----------|B|----------1---1----------1---1-----------0---0---------0---0-----|G|----0-------0------2-------2------2--------2-----0-------0-------|D|------2--------------2--------------3--------------0-------------|A|--3--------------0-----------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------1--------------3-----------------|
Chorus G Am C/G July kills the winter nights Fmaj7 C/G And the sun breaths life in a heavy heart Am C/G We wade as our feet sink deep Fmaj7 C/G In the cool clean sands of a rushing stream Am C/G Creation singing as we fall asleep Fmaj7 C/G My God I love what youve given me Chords used: C 032013 Am7 002213 X 103203 G2 300003 G 320003 Am 002210 C/G 332010 Fmaj7 033210 Notes: The G in the chorus is only a quick two strums before the Am. I have no idea what the name of one of the chords is, so I gave it the name X
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