Misc Unsigned Bands - Shane Harper - One Step Closer chords

Shane Harper's New Single - One Step Closer! Just came out today!(March 31)
No Capo; Standard Tuning
Chords Used:
A (barre): 577655 or x02220 (he plays it barre, but it sounds just the same)
C#: 446664
F#m: 244222
D: xx0323 (barre): 557775 (again, he plays barre, but it works the same)
E: 022100
B (barre): 799877 or 224442 (same as above)

(OR: an easier way to play the song is to push that little transpose button ^ down 
two half-steps and through a capo on the 2nd fret: makes the chords 
G, Bm, Em, C, D, and A)

Intro: A - C# - F#m - DVerse 1:
AI can't keep chasing you around
C# F#mAll of this running just bringing me down
DIt's got me down
AEvery time I look at you
C#The angels sing
F#mI hope you hear them too
D BI hope you hear them too
DGot me feeling hypnotized
B D-E-A Girl, it makes me feel ali-iive
C#I'd climb the highest mountain
F#mAnd I'd sail across the sea
D ABaby, for you I'd do anything
C#I'd fly out to the moon
F#mI'd paint your gray skies a beautiful blue (lyrics?)
DJust to get one step closer to you
Verse 2: (chords follow same pattern as Verse 1) Don't hesitate, there's no better time than now, baby The sky is falling down Well, baby, are you down, down, down, down? I could wait forever under dangers (?) To have you look my way (echo: Just look my way) Look my way It's in every little thing I do Cause baby I do it all for you (repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: (same chords as Chorus 1) I would write you a million love songs Just to hear you say Baby, for you I'd do anything I'd fight Superman Just to hold your hand Have to get one step closer to you Bridge: (B's and D's) (listen for chord changes in the song) And now you're in my arms I knew it from the start Girl, I'd never break your heart If this ain't love then nothing else is
AI'll do anything for just one kiss
Chorus 3: (same as previous chorus) I'd climb the highest mountain I'd sail across the sea For you, I'd do anything I'd plan a picnic on the moon Just for me and you Just for me and you (repeat Chorus 2) Just to get one step closer to you
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