Misc Unsigned Bands - Tommy Connors - Burying Confessions chords

Burying Confessions

EIt's been a long, long winter.
A Seems like months I've been on the road.
E Bm7Interstate inspiration, dashboard's so cold.
E My thoughts overcome me
A They escape this cheap motel ball point pen
E Bm7 EI guess there's too much - to be said - not written
ENot a day goes by
Awhere I don't think I'll miss her very much
A And not an hour passes
Bm7where I don't curse her name
ENow she's in Montana
Aspending time with her friends
E And I'm in midtown subway station
Bm7Praying for the F train.
A I've seen a million faces
ESold a few souls
B7 EBroke a few hearts - so I've been told.
ASometimes I get the feeling
EI need to right all my wrongs
F#m7 B7 AInstead of burying my confessions in these songs
(SAME CHORDS AS EARLIER) But I can't help but wonder When it's all said and done Will I be begging St. Peter To overlook all my wrongs. I tried to leave the world Better than when it found me. And so I'm longing for home And the love of my family. CHORUS
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