Misc Unsigned Bands – Mary And The Moon - Winter chords

Capo 3

C, C/G, C/Am, C/B

I could be stoned and
wish you were never here
Pick up the phone and
pretend I love these tears

Its about ten and
We didn't amount to much
But thats how I like it
Watch you say shes my love

She'll buy you presents and
seasons and nice things
I'll give you love
But I'll stick to the cheap things
Don't have enough
and don't sing the way she sings
I know its cold but for gods sake I'm leaving

I'm always dizzy and she is a thinker
whats to compare when shes clearly the winner
She likes the summer and I like the winter
But people like you make me a heavy drinker
At least it'll keep me warm

F G AmI, can only get so high
Dmthe fact alone makes me cry
maybe I should just lie
Gawake in shame
See, it doesn't help that
F G AmI can only get so high
Dmits all about precious time
Fyou took what's left I can't think right
Gwould, If I was yours
But I'm not V2 (pretty much the same chord sequence) See you make me nervous Its a whole new concept I build up the courage But you've already left Is it The fact that I'm losing Or every day I'm more lost your head and your heart and your face and my mind Is all that ever gets across CHORUS BRIDGE
Dm G C, C/B, Amlook at that face
look at this face to pass it up when I have such a nice place for you to sit and get comfy make you dinner be less grumpy look at you then look me when we'd make such a lovely family I've already made our names into one so we can be like famous ones CHORUS
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