Misc Unsigned Bands - Mary And The Moon - Fosho The Brett Song chords

(I think for the most part of the verses she plays each chord once then mutes the strings)

E Just one drink and I'll wish you were mine
E/D#But I don't think that you think that I'm worth your time
C#mYou'll be safe behind and I'll be way over the line
B AThen david will find a way to annoy caroline
Still I'm in the front and you're always in the back seat These are only words its only love and this is just me Every time we meet your red hair captivates me And I still can't work out why BRIDGE
C#m B A E, E/D#Metaphors are metaphors and I don't like them
C#m B A E, E/D#So don't make up those cleche lines and ask me to recite them
CHOURUS And for sure You're gone I swear You put it on You're as subtle as can be But it mesmerizes me Using words I never thought to look in a dictionary Cause you're just a little too smart Guess I'll have to play this part Well maybe glasses will make me look a little bit brighter V2 Give me some respect and I'll give you my whole heart Persuade you that I'm clever, but I wouldn't go that far They say these words are useless but they're from mine to your heart me and me and me and, you you you BRIDGE 2 Metaphors are metaphors and I don't like them Cleches are the worst so don't even think to try them CHORUS BRIDGE 3 Sitting in the backseat Brett lets get a taxi Tell the driver anywhere Just take us away I'm everything that you want Plus I have a bigger heart isn't that what matters You should know you're smart CHORUS
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