Misc Unsigned Bands - Graduation Batch Of 2011 - Anymore chords

Hi guys!! Hehe

Verse 1:
D ADo you see the memories that
G Em Abrought us to where we are today
D A All the struggles and the hardships
Gwe have faced
Em Acan't come close to the friends we made
D A And all the years have passed us by
G Em Aeach moment we would always try
D Ato leave out the goodbyes,
G Em Aand say hello or hi.
EmBut then, all my friends
GI may never see once again.
DFrom the first hello,
Cwe end with this goodbye~
DWe've grown with all our friends
Awe've done all that we can
Gwe're never backing down
Em Aanymore...
Dall the things that we have said
A the tears that we have shed
G Em Aare growing into smiles,
D ABut for now all I have to say
G Em Ais goodbye.
Verse 2: (Same chords as Verse 1) I remember when we'd never laugh out loud, about the secrets that we'd share All our voices all match tone, oh look at where we have gone from there And the math was 1-2-3, and when reading was ABC's oh how, I miss the times when it was hard to make these types of rhymes. Prechorus: Even with the hands you lend I'm doing everything that I can just to stay with you, to know my friends are true, I'll try~ Chorus Rap (I dunno, sorry :-j) Instrumentals Bridge:
Em Tomorrow's another day
Cadd9tonight's not the end I say,
G Alet's walk the path we chose once more.
Em DLet's party 'til our eyes are sore~
(Chorus chords :D)We're better than before,
this is what were all here for Time to thank you all, for the years. That we've been hanging on melodies of all our songs are playing in my ears. But the memories I hear, don't say bye. CHORUS Solo:
EmOh how I miss the days
Cadd9when we were just this tall
Gwhen we'd catch each other
D Abefore the fall
EListen to my call,
AmI haven't said it all
EmOh how I miss the times
Cadd9the ordinary days
G D Awhen all we'd do was run around and play
EmI still have debts to pay
Cadd9and knowledge still to gain
G Dbut for sure it's not goodbye, just yet
Chorus, acapella
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