Misc Unsigned Bands – Word And Life Worship - Freedom Song chords

Left handed
Freedom Song      Key G  (alt key C)  
Written by Chantel Ackerman   Tempo 125 4/4

.G    Am    C    D

Verse 1
.G D EmTime has come for Salvation
. C GHear the sound of creation
. D Em CLifting high the name of Jesus Christ
Verse 2 In righteousness we will reign Our lives will never be the same You are our hope and truth You light our way Pre Chorus
.Bm G DYou are the reason we live now we can say
. C GWe are alive in You
. C GWe are alive in Your truth
. Em For salvation is ours
. C DCan you hear the sound of freedom
. GIs here
Verse 3 Let our praise fill the heavens Let Your name be lifted high As the earth gives glory to You alone Bridge
.G Em DYou came to us to set us free
.G Em DNow we can run into eternity
.G CWe have found
. DWe belong to You
structure: intro, verse1, verse2, pre chorus, chorus, interlude, verse3, pre chorus, chorusx2, interlude, bridgex3, instrumental, chorusx2
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