Misc Unsigned Bands - Cameron Henderson - 3 Beautiful People chords

Verse 1
F G C Three beautiful people
F G C None more than four-foot tall
F G C C/B Am They're sitting down at my breakfast table
F G CWhere they make me feel ten-feet tall
Verse 2 Eyes just like their mother Stubborn like guess-who Its' hard to say what I'm feeling right now I'm so proud yet humbled too Chorus
GThese three beautiful people
Am FMy greatest work by far
GAll the time I was searching
Am F I'll never have to look too far, Coz here they are
Verse 3
F G C Three beautiful people
F G C who sat down that morning with me
F G C C/B Am But here they are, they're much older now
F G CBut they still mean the world to me
F G CMy three children mean the world to me.
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