Misc Unsigned Bands - A Kiss Before Dying - Beyond Repair tab

I made this tab for John "Dickrack" Hickman. Jay, you know how it sounds so you iight. 
This is the very beginning or intro of the song. 
I din't want to label the tab as an intro because I'm gonna add more onto it until
I can get the full song on here. 
I'm probably just gonna put all the songs I write on here just so it's 
easier to just go on here and learn them after
I show you how it sounds. I wrote this very unnecessary paragraph simply because 
every other tab I read on here has one and
I strive to be just as cool as everyone else. Well..... I digress. 
Here you go dickrack: 

e|-----------------|------------------|B|-----------------|------------------|G|-----------------|------------------|D|-----------------|------------------|4x (After 2nd time, the vocals A|-7-7-7-10-0-3/5--|-7-7-7-10-0-5--3--| come in.)D|-7-7-7-10-0-3/5--|-7-7-7-10-0-5--3--|
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