Misc Unsigned Bands – Austin Kyle - I Miss You chords

I Miss You-Austin Kyle

CI miss you
FJust thought I would let you know
CI've had some trouble
FLetting you go
CIt's not that easy
FRemembering what we had
GBut I'm a little bitter
GBut more than that
C GI still see you in my dreams
F GAnd I can't see the day when I wont be
CThinking about you
GOr the memories
FBut before I go
FI just want you to know
CThis morning
FWhen my feet met the floor
CI swear I saw you
FStanding outside my door
CAnd all I wanted
FWas to just hear your voice
GAnd I'm a little angry
GBut it wasn't my choice
Am GWhen you're with someone
F C GYou don't think about these things
Am GCause you know in your soul
F DIt could never happen to me
[CHORUS] I miss you
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