Misc Unsigned Bands - Chris Clayton - All These Things And More chords

All these things and more (tabbed by tallonmetroid)

(The actual key is Bb, I just put it in C for playability)
           VERSE 1                      

C FWho is this King thats clothed in majesty
C F Who is Savior come to set me free
C G Am Who is this God thats so in love with me,
F that he would come to die for me
Am G Oh, I am overwhelmed
C G He is the Beautiful one, Gods own son,
Bb F mighty to save in love
C G Bb He is the Great I am, Son of Man, holy
Fand so pure
Dm F You are all these things and more,
Cits who you are
C FWho is this one that paints the sky above
C FWho knows my heart, and still returns his love
C G Am So overwhelmed that Hes in love with me,
FHe calls me one of His redeemed
Am G Oh, I am overwhelmed
C G Bb F Overwhelming, God unchanging,
C G Bb F Lord thats who you are
C G Bb F Love unending, uncomprehending,
C G Bb FLord thats who you are
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