Misc Unsigned Bands - Aziz Harun - Peace And Harmony chords

Peace and Harmony Chords and Lyrics :) By Aziz Harun
chord's By Enoye Delb)

Em Bm Am DAre you going to lie to the world again?
Em Bm Am DSaying the war has just end?
Em Bm Am DBehind those doors and those people
C D Em Bm Am D - 2xYou say to me.. To end this war we just need PEACE And Harmony
Em Bm Am DWe can save lives times a million
Em Bm Am DWhat We're Doing kills a billion
Em Bm Am DCreate a new Civil-Eyes-Ation
C DWith this Action we shall
C G D ASing out all the melodies
C G D AHummm the harmonies
C G D AEvery body can do this its Easy
C D Em Bm Am D - 2xTo change the world. All we need is peace and Harmony
Em Bm Am DThe New Generation takes Society
Em Bm Am DOne by one Unecessairly.
Em Bm Am DAll the ethnic Groups are erased
CBut i ...
DI still stand here in my place
C G D AYou never know Never know What We'll happen
C G D AWill they stop Loving
C G D ASend this message out to everyone In need
C D C G D ACoz All we need to End this War PEACE AND HARMONY
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