Misc Unsigned Bands - Joe Perkins - Little Eefing Annie tab

very strange song from 1963, still one of my favorites


first verse( all vocals)

little eefin annie, she is mine oh mine

little eefin annie has a terrible time

it don't make much difference, what shes trying to say

when little eefin annie talks it always comes out this way


E                       A      E               A
i've got a girl named annie, and shes mine oh mine
     F#                     B               E
but when she gets excited she has an awful time
  A                                 E
when i call her on the phone, and i try to make a date
   F#                      B               E
before i get an answer, i always have to wait

she says (eefing) "pick me up at 8!"

verse 2:

E                  A      E               A
i went out with annie, riding through the park
     F#                       B               E
we ended up in lovers lane, sitting in the dark
  A                          E
i asked annie for a kiss as i looked in her eyes
   F#                              B               E
and by the time she answered, i already kissed her twice

she said (eefing) "sure was nice!"

verse 3:

E               A                    E               A
i took her to a restaraunt thought i'd give her a treat
     F#                          B               E
then the waiter came and asked what we'd like to eat
  A                                 E
i had to order for both of us but then i thought i'd die
   F#                              B               E
when the waiter asked her what desert she'd like to try

she said (eefing) "got a piece of pie?"!

verse 4:

E                       A      E                   A
they used to laugh at annie because she eef'ed that way
     F#                     B                      E
it took at least an hour to hear what she had to say
  A                                     E
but things arent like they used to be nobodys laughing now
   F#                      B              E
cuz everybodys eefing! annie showed us how

we all go (eefing until fade out)


and thats all! this is an awesome song here's some eefing links


and jimmie riddle teaching eefing


yay! -bert
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