Misc Unsigned Bands - Dylan Saunders - Kick It Up A Notch chords version 1

Em B7You gotta kick it up a notch
C AIf youíre ever gonna reach your goal
Em B7You canít sit around and watch
c AYour destiny is in your control
Em B7Go ahead and, kick it up a notch
C AIf your life is at a level too low
Em B7Thereís no attempt, that you can botch
C AWhen all you gotta do is just give it a go
Am B7But then again, what do I know?
EmWhat I see right there
B7Is a prisoner
C AWhoís sitting on top of the key!
C So kick it up a notch
B7 EmIf you ever wanna be free
Mosquitoes: All you gotta do is...
Em B7Kick it up a notch
C ATo dig yourself outta this hole
Em B7You wanna have the things they got?
C AThen you gotta give that dice a role
Em B7Kick it up a notch
C AWhatís the point of less when thereís more?
EmHave a cigar
B7A glass of Scotch
C AWhen opportunity knocks on your door
Am B7You let him in and then ya settle the score!
Em Life is short
B7So before itís over
C ATake a chance and think it through
C You better kick it up a notch
B7 EmItís the human thing to do.
So then we go into this trippy Darren Criss thing. Basically it's
Hahahaha Itís a big, big universe So many dimensions and unanswered questions Not to mention Life What an invention Life Thereís no choice involved in what you are given One mind, one voice, one body to live in But To be honest I just cant hear the chords when Dylan sings... moving on!
G DYou wanna be
A DA Starship Ranger
G D Bm D Or is that a dream that you forgot?
G DYou wanna be
F#7 BmA Starship Ranger
G Bb CWell this might be your, one and only
Then it's a lot of noise.. Em? Bug:
F#m C#7I think Iíll kick it up a notch!
D BI donít care about the Queen or the hive!
F#m C#7 Thatís the spirit! Kick em all straight in the crotch, how bout that?
D BWho are they to deprive us, who wanna do?
F#m C#7Kick it up a notch
D BDonít give yourself a reason to doubt
F#m C#7You gotta strike it while itís hot
D BCause thatís what livings all about!
Bm C#My dear Bug, itís time to start
F#m C#7Kick it up a notch
D BOh, my plan is all about to unfold
F#m C#7Letís put a twist, into this plot
D BBug, go forth, do everything that Iíve told ya
F#m C#7When we, kick it up a notch
DItís blood for us!
BAnd brains for me!
F#m C#7Iím gonna let this little snot
D BBe everything heís wanted to be
Bm C#7But only because I know heíll actually
F#m Feed my hunger for flesh
C#7I want it warm and fresh!
D BOh, Pincer, youíre in for a treat!
BmLetís kick it up a notch
C#7So at last
F#mIíll have human, meat!
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