Misc Unsigned Bands - Melody Tyler - Lease chords

F,Dm, B

FYou say
DmIm More than she could ever be
BAnd you still call out her name
FYou make
DmMe feel there's nothing in between
BThe lines you crossed here yesterday
A Dm7Baby, Maybe its time we talked about this
A B Its not as easy, as hit or miss
Dm7Cause this isn't some game
BYou played with my heart
F CAnd I'm asking you please don't leave
Dm7Cause Im not the same girl
BWho tore you apart
F CAnd Im asking you please don't leave
F Dm BDon't leave
You say You're fallin like you never have Will she be the one who holds you down She's still an actress in this play you've made And my Parts crumbling to the ground Baby, Maybe its time we talked about this Cause I felt it The first time you kissed my lips Repeat Chorus: Instrumental: Dm7, B, F, C Chorus: And I'm begging you begging you begging you please don't leave Don't leave Don't leave F, http://www.melodyandtyler.com
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