Misc Unsigned Bands – Reizlynn Rayzid - Im Not The Reason chords

Intro: C, G, Am, F-G

Verse 1:
c Ghey, just wanna tell you this
AmThings have changed so much between us
F CAs time flies by so fast
Verse 2:
GIt feels like its the end of
Am GEvery single thing we've been through
CToday is the day
AmYou have to keep that smile on your face
F GNo matter how much pain there is
CYou have to laugh
AmLike you never did before
FEven if I'm not the reason
G cim not the reason for it
Am, F, G, C Verse 3:
Gim so sorry i've been hiding from you
Amall this while
F Cits just that i dont wish to hurt you too much
G Ambut really you're the reason for everything i feel
Fnow you know how much you really mean to me
*back to chorus* Bridge:
EmDo you know?
Am that its killing me inside
F Gwhen i cant really say anything
Em Ameverytime, when i see you in pain
F Gi just wish i could go up to u
*PAUSE* and say.. *back to chorus*
FIm never the reason
Gnever the resaon
Cfor your smile
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