Misc Unsigned Bands - Breakoriginals - Shes Too Good For Everyone chords

Classic youtube song, was surprised that no one tabbed it out yet.
Oh well, three chord song commence-
She's too good for everyone - BreakOriginals
Tabbed by LostAuthority - Lyrics from metal-head.org

B E BOh here she comes, it's 'miss too good for everyone', Hot since the seventh
F Bgrade, mean as a snake in a knot
B E BNot just some pretty girl, she's 'muy en fuego' she knows it, she ought to,
F Bshe's told at least ten times a day
B E BBut let's look inside nothing but poison air Blackened heart barely beats
F Bblue blood throughout her facade
B E BThinks she owns the world, treats people badly, someone should take a stand,
F B E B FSomeone should tell her she's awful But not me, not me, Cause I think that I
Bmight have a chance...
B ENow I'll do things for you, just like the other guys.
B FDebase myself in the tragic hope that it will
B EMake you desire me, through my obedience.
B F BWhat have you made me become and why don't I feel shame?
B E BYes I'll watch your dog, really no trouble at all
F BYes, I'll help you move, into another man's house,
B EJust remember I'm always there in a pinch,
B F B Shoulder to cry on or possibly kiss on the mouth.
B E B FLet me buy you drinks, overpriced flavored martinis of various sizes, in so
Bmany hues.
B E B Yeah, I'll hold your purse, I'll just wait here then while you talk to that guy
F BI guess I'll just look at my phone.
B E BOh you're back again, Still looking hot as all hell and now you've made a friend,
F B Hello my rival young suitor, Good luck to you.
E B F BSee she's the devil and Satan's got perfectly toned abs and rocks a C-Cup.
B E B Listen men, someone has to destroy her before she grows stronger and
F Bdecimates all of mankind.
B E BSomeone hold her and shove a sharp stake through her heart, watch her turn to ash
F B EThen we can live life again, free from tyranny, hot girl oppression, we'll
Bend this obsession
F Bwith all that is wrong with the world.
E BBut not me, not me
F BThough someone should tell her she's awful
E BBut not me, not me
F BCause I still think I might have a chance.
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