Misc Unsigned Bands - The Ushers - This Is War tab

www.ultimateguitar.com/the Ushers

dude!!!!!!! This their newest song, they aren't even finished with the chorus so this is 
the verses!!!!

{---------------------------------------------|{---------------------------------------------|{---------------------------------------------|{---------------------------------------------|{----00------00------00------------00---------|{--0-00-5"-0-00-1"-0-00-5"7(tap)-0-00-1"3>7---| play that about 4 times and in the last sentence play this....
play these as deadly ghost notes{---------------------------------------------|{-----7'------3'----14;-----------------------|{-----5'------1'----12;-----------------------|{---------------------------------------------|{---------------------------------------------|{-0-00---0-00---0-00---00-0-0'----------------|
to wiggle the 0 u dont need a whammy bar jus wiggle your string between the neck and your tuning keys.../..try not failing this...I put the lyrics on lyricsmode.com....then maybe you play with the verses.....
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